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Ultimate Teen

Sign up for The Ultimate Teen Challenge  Saturday May 23th 2015. Active Teens from around the country are invited to come out and participate in this fun and exciting challenge. Teen Men and Women can compete in our Individual Strength, Agility and Speed Competitions to WIN achievement awards and possible scholarships to help support their future endeavors and education. The events can range from a Bench Press and Inverted Pull-Up Competition, to a Tire Flip Relay, Cross-Fit Style Events, Weighed Sled Pull Competition and much more!

These thrilling fitness events have spectators, parents and coaches cheering on their favorite competitors who will be battling it out to see which teens are the strongest and most well-conditioned in the area.

The Ultimate Teen Challenge will be an incredible atmosphere, elevating the awareness and importance of fitness and athletic skills for all ages. The challenge will also have special guest appearances by Celebrity and Professional Athletes, along with unique contests and giveaways for all participating teens!

Anti Bully Pittsburgh

pittsburgh anti bully

Kumite Classic Entertainment and The Pittsburgh Fitness Expo are proud to partner with community leaders, friends and families to present an Anti Bully presentation May 23-24th 2014 at the Monroeville Convention Center.  Let’s kick bullying out of Pittsburgh!

anti bully pittsburgh

Anti Bully Speakers and presenter:

Anti bully guest speakers include Jimmy Cvetic (Pittsburgh Peace Project) Rocky Whatule (Professional Comedian), Vince Brasco (Aka Mini Hulk), Josh & Gab (Musical Comedy Duo), Ambition (National Recording Artist) Burghman (Pittsburgh’s own superhero dedicated to anti bullying) and more.  Special thanks to our awards sponsor: The Vault (Kolman & Co. Jewelry)




GNC and BioRhythm are sponsoring special FREE swag bags full of FREE samples to the first 5000 attendees.  (must be 18+) at the 2014 Pittsburgh Fitness Expo Friday May 23rd and Saturday May 24th.  *actual samples may vary from photo.

Show Hours: 

  • Friday 4pm-10pm
  • Saturday:  9am-5pm

Pittsburgh Fitness Expo ad



2014 Pittsburgh Fitness Expo

Pittsburgh Fitness Expo ad

GNC & BioRhythm Pittsburgh Fitness Expo presented by

Pittsburgh Fitness Expo ad

The region’s largest and most established fitness, health, wellness and sports expo returns to the Monroeville Convention Center May 23-24th 2014.  For the past 15 years, The Pittsburgh Fitness Expo has been paving the way for healthy active lifestyles as the area’s most exciting multi-sport extravaganza. The fitness festival features 20 different athletic and fitness competitions surrounded by a full scale interactive consumer expo that highlights health, wellness and nutrition.

The cutting edge expo showcases the latest fitness products, exercise equipment, sports gear, clothing, nutritional supplements, health foods, and cosmetic, advancements. Elite level coaches and trainers are on hand to discuss the dynamics of sports performance and athletic advancement.  Wellness consultations are available with industry professionals and onsite evaluations are presented by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and natural health experts.  The convention collaborates with health professionals and educators on comprehensive and sustainable approaches to preventing and reducing serious health problems from both conventional medical and holistic approaches.

The multifaceted expo is surrounded by “non-stop action” playing host to simultaneous championships, competitions, and demonstrations in one expansive area for spectators to enjoy including: world class bodybuilding, fitness, figure, model, dance, physique, strongman, powerlifting, teen strength, wrestling, grappling, jiu-jitsu, and karate.  The expo is also home to the Kumite Classic, a world renowned martial arts championship that is the signature event of the weekend.

Spectators from around the country have the opportunity to participate in workouts, seminars, certification courses, competitions, and challenges. The general public can meet & greet with celebrities, world record holders, professional athletes, Olympic Champions, and fitness icons.

We are proud to announce that the first 5000 attendees at the show this year will receive a GNC “Swag Bag” filled with free samples and goodies from some of most popular brands in the industry including: BioRyhthm, MHP, and more.

Come see why the media has dubbed the expo “The one stop shop for everything fitness” as thousands of fitness enthusiasts and health conscious consumers from across the nation visit the Monroeville Convention Center Memorial Day Weekend.  Tickets will be available at the Convention Center box office.


Maxim Hottie in the House

dessie mitcheson hot 100

Dessie Mitcheson was in the house at the 2013 Kumite Classic to judge to help crown Miss Kumite Classic at the Model Pittsburgh Pageant.  She holds the prestigious honor of being named to Maxim’s exclusive Hot 100 List!

Congrats to former Kumite Classic model champion Dessie Mitcheson for making the Maxim Hot Top 100 sexiest women in the world  Representing Pittsburgh worldwide!

dessie mitcheson maxim

To see more beautiful women visit the Kumite Classic May 24-25th for our annual model search and model competitions.


Hines Ward Show

hines ward kumite classic

Kumite Classic champions represent Pittsburgh Karate on the Hines Ward Show. WPXI host Alby Oxenreiter, Brett Keisel and Hines were on hand for the program that features Positive Athletes in Pittsburgh. Connor Burns, NBL World Champion Dominic Leader, and Coach Bill Viola all represented sport karate and martial arts. Hines was able to learn some karate on air, and warned the Baltimore Ravens to watch out!

Hines Ward demonstrates his best front snap kick and kiai!

Here”s a clip from behind the scenes on the Hines Ward show on youtube:


The demonstration included Hines learning to retrodbonus block a roundhouse kick and counter with a reverse punch. Connor Burns was interviewed by Hines for his community service and taking time out to mentor younger kids. He emphasized self-discipline and the confidence that karate instills. Team Kumite sported the custom kumite classic black & yellow all star gear gloves. Yeah, Champions bleed black & gold! The team is based in North Huntington Irwin, PA. Dominic Leader was the first recipient of the Western PA Positive Athlete award for martial arts last year and continues the tradition of team kumite with the program!

From dancing with the stars, football and even karate, Hines ward is a true sport and great role model! Visit his website