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Friday May 26th 2017 4pm-7pm. This is an open invitation for youth to participate in the Kidz of Steel MAX REP Physical Fitness Challenge! This is a NON-PROFIT challenge and FREE competition for all participants:  In partnership with the Western PA Police Athletic League and Champions Association of Pittsburgh.

  • What: Kidz of Steel Physical Fitness Challenge
  • Open to all youth, test your strength in free competitions
  • Where: Monroeville Convention Center
  • When: Friday May 26th 2017 4:00-7:00PM (log in reps anytime)
  • Awards for 1st-3rd place awards in each division
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I, the undersigned hereby release the Western PA Police Athletic League, Kumite International, Kumite Classic Entertainment Corp., and any and all other persons associated with this event in any capacity, from any and all liability due to injuries that I may incur as a result of my attendance and / or participation at this event. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless all the above named parties from any liability or compensation. Additionally, I am fully aware of my personal medical condition and hereby certify that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in the Physical Fitness Challenge. (the "Release"), made by me, the undersigned, to Western PA Police Athletic League Kumite International And Kumite Classic Entertainment Corp. I fully recognize that there are dangers and risks to which I may be exposed by participating in the physical fitness activities and workouts at the event, which involve strenuous physical activity and extensive physical contact with other people. I understand and acknowledge that fitness workouts in general have inherent dangers that no amount of care, caution, training, instruction, supervision or expertise can eliminate. With full understanding of the risks involved and despite this Release, I am voluntarily participating in Kidz of Steel physical fitness challenge. I therefore agree to assume and take upon myself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with this activity. I release the Western PA Police Athletic League, Kumite International, Kumite Classic Entertainment Corp., its agents, volunteers, from any and all liability, claims and actions that may arise from injury or harm to me, from my death or from damage to my property in connection with this tournament. Furthermore, I hereby waive any compensation whatsoever for the use of pictures or video production of myself, utilized by those associated with this event, for any promotional use or profit-making at anytime.

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*A copy of this form will be sent to your email. You must print and bring this email confirmation to the Monroeville Convention Center ticket box office to get free admission. Non-participants are responsible to purchase an expo ticket at the door. Expo information can be found at  Log in your reps anytime Friday May 27th between 4pm-7pm.