Win Win

pittsburgh kung fu

Win Win Kung Fu performs at the Kumite Classic, Pittsburgh, PA.

Founded in October 2009, the Win-Win Kung Fu Cultural Center strives to promote authentic Chinese martial arts in the United States. China trained masters are the main teaching force in the center to offer traditional Kung Fu, contemporary Wushu and Tai Chi classes to students of all ages. Since its grand opening two years ago, over 100 local practitioners have been trained in the North Hills studio. Meanwhile, masters of the center have undertaken all the kung fu classes and Tai Chi classes at local Chinese schools. Many of our students have competed and won several international Chinese martial arts championships and tournaments in the U.S. Now a few students have been trained intensively to prepare for the competition at USA Wushu Team Trial in San Jose, California in June 2011. Besides, Win-Win Kung Fu co-hosts annual “Steel City” International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC).