Quarter Century Club

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Dr. Victor Prisk’s Quarter Century Club Challenge is now here:  The Century Club Challenge and Workout was developed by Dr. Victor Prisk. It’s based on core exercises that in summary give a whole body workout. The exercises are mostly body weight exercises requiring very little equipment and were developed from gymnastics conditioning. It can be done in many variations of the core exercises and at various levels of skill and intensity.

The workout is called the “Century” Club because it involves exercises done with 100 repetitions. It is called the Century “Club” as it is fun to do this work out with friends, challenging each other and turning this into a friendly competition. Dr. Prisk considers that you have joined the club when you can complete this whole workout in less than 1 hour (the elite centurions can perform in 45 minutes!).

Now you can join our Dr Victor Prisk Century Club challenge on Saturday May 24th at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo and win great Awards and special prizes. This year will be the first Quarter – Century Club challenge. The only difference in the Quarter – Century Club challenge contestants must perform 25 perfect repetitions for their best time over the 10 exercises. It’s an individual competition so you can participate any time throughout the day Saturday, May 24th from 9AM to 3PM, Awards will be presented at 4PM.

So if your 18 years or older come and compete in our Dr Prisk Quarter – Century Club Challenge.

The Quarter – Century Club Challenge at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo

The core workout challenge includes 10 exercises. Exercise are subject to change so be READY.

The core exercises are as follows:

1. Chin ups or Pull up

2. Push ups

3. Parallel bar dips

4. Handstand pushups/military press

5. Barbell curls

6. V-ups

7. Back extensions

8. Alternating lunge jumps

9. Squat jumps

10. Single calf raises

Top Awards go to our top 5 Men and Women for the best time and performance.

Want one more Century Club Challenge – If you believe you’re in the optimum condition and want to be challenged we will give a special Award to the first individual who can do the Quarter – Century Club Challenge twice in the best time.

Enter early: